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I was born in Athens and I first studied Maths and Philosophy at Bristol University before studying photography at Paris 8 University. My photography is documentary orientated, I have worked on long term projects, concentrating on immigration, borders and marginality. I am based in Marseilles and parallel to my personal work, I coordinate a photography workshop with people that suffer from mental illnesses. Recently, I have been collaborating with social scientists and cartographers to create cross disciplinary projects in the form of multimedia pieces and short films. I am available for assignments.


2016 Histoires de Frontières, Cinéma les Variétés - Marseille
2016 Un Autre Journal - 3 ans de création collective, La Friche Belle de Mai - Marseille
2015 MONEY, assignement and collective exhibition, Pavillon Carré de Baudoin - Paris
2015 Moughtareb, projection at the Festival Nuits Photographiques - Paris
2014 Autour du Tracé, collective project at CPA - Valence
2014 Regard Croisé with Yohanne Lamoulère (Transit collective), Galerie Vol de Nuits - Marseille
2013 AntiAtlas of Borders (curated by Isabelle Arvers), La Compagnie - Marseille
2013 Migrations ( Marseille Provence 2013), Galerie Fontaine Obscure - Aix-en Provence
2012 Europa inch’allah, Les Variétés, within the FID festival - Marseille
2012 Les Boutographies, Recontres International de la photographie - Montpellier
2012 Regards Croisés sur la méditeranée, avec Tendance floue et Argos, Galerie Lame - Marseille
2011 Regards Croisés, Galerie Fontaine Obscure/Musée de Tapisseries - Aix-en Provence
2011 Sept Off, Festival de la Photographie Méditeranéenne - Nice
2011 International Conference on Migration, Invited Artist, Hôtel de la Region - Marseille
2010 Calme Apparent, Vol de Nuits Gallery - Marseille
2010 Residence and on-site exhibition with Dekadrage collective at Emmaüs St.Marcel - Marseille
2010 Europa inch’Allah, Alcazar - Bibliothèque Municipal de Marseille
2008 Short-listed at Ten images for Ithaca, BIOS - Athens
2008 Urban Factory, Galerie Art Tower -Athènes


Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Le Monde, Emmaüs, RafaleCom, Marsatwork , Hôpital Européen,
AP-HM, Medifar / Promofar, Karwan, Interdependances...