Borj El Mechkouk Cinematography
32', 2023, directed by Driss Aroussi
- World Premiere at Visions du Réel, 2023
- Official Selection at Clermond-Ferrand short film festival, 2024

'The desert region of Errachidia (Morocco) suffers from recurrent periods of severe drought. A man is sent there to clear a system of underground water galleries earmarked for irrigating crops. With a keen sense of framing and a skilful simplicity, Driss Aroussi spins a cinematographic fable on the subject of the climate crisis.'

O Terra, Addio Direction / Cinematography
7', 2020, co-directed with Gaël Marsaud and Alex Frigoult
- Festival International du Film d'Aubagne, 2021
- Rencontres International Paris/Berlin, 2021
- UFCTC, Mention du Prix du Public, Nice, 2020

A sudden immersion into the mysterious and savage waters of the autonomous carnival in Marseille. With the city center in a gentrification limbo, the carnival troops occupy the streets, searching, intertwining. Limbs tear out a part of the present and the troops go on to attack the winter.

Galb'Echaouf Cinematography
18', 2021, directed by Abdessamad El Montassir
- World Premiere at Visions du Réel, 2021
- DOXA Documentary Film Festival, 2022 | Winner: Short Documentary Award
- Sharjah Film Platform, 2021 | Winner: Best Documentary Short Film
- RIDM - Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal, 2021
- IDFA - International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam, 2021
- Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, 2021

"The breathtaking landscapes of Western Sahara seem devoid of memory. Yet, the eyes of its people bear enduring signs of the tragedy that has marked their existence for decades. Through small details, fragments of a lasting conflict find their way to the screen. Masterfully shot, Galb’Echaouf is a hymn to the power of cinema to resist oblivion." Rebecca De Pas (Visions du Réel)

Sisyphus Cinematography
12', 2018, directed by Driss Aroussi / produced by Primaluce
- FID, Marseille, (video installation), 2019
- IFFR, Rotterdam, 2019
- Filmer le travail, Poitiers, 2019
- État d'Urgence Instants Poétiques, Rabat, 2019
- Festival ForadCamp, région de Barcelone, 2019
- Festival BlackStar Film Festival, Philadelphie, 2019
- La première fois, Aix-en-Provence, 2019
- Supervues hôtel Burrhus, Vaison la Romaine, 2018
- CorsicaDoc, Ajaccio, 2018
- Immaterial Collection, Beyrouth, 2018

In the Moroccan desert, a man extracts stones from a mountain and breaks them. His perpetual labour becomes an act of meditation, a demonstration of human dignity in its most austere form. Poetic and yet purely documentary, this desolate scene points out humanity’s place in the universe.

Blue Sky from Pain Direction / Cinematography / Editing
15' , 2016, in collaboration with Hyacinthe Pavlides & Laurence Pillant / produced by Dekadrage
- International Paris Human Rights Festival , France, 2018
- Valladolid International Film Festival ( Seminci ), Spain, 2017
- Doc en Mai - Bordeaux, France, 2017
- IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam, Holland, 2017
- Jean Rouch International Film Festival, Paris & Marseille, France, 2016
- Carthage International Film Festival, Tunisia, 2016
- Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2016
- Drama Short Film Festival, Greece, 2016

A man is imprisoned without knowing why. Where is he ? For how long ? Using images from abandoned detention centres for migrants in Greece and a reconstruction of a story , Blue Sky from Pain submerges us in a suffocating atmosphere, erased, in ruins…

Komorebi Cinematography
15', 2018, directed by Laurence Saussez / produced by Kaleo Films
- Exhibited at MAD Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France, 2018 - 2019

A documentary portrait of Takeshi Nishimura, an expert of the dying art of the katagami : The Japanese craft of making paper stencils for Kimonos.

FRGMENTS Cinematography(4K Video Capture)
2018, a sound & image installation by Julien Bayle produced by Asia Culture Center
Showed at : Asia Culture Center, Gwangju (South-Korea), Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL (US), CYNETART Festival, Dresden, Germany, Escuchar program at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires

FRGMENTS is both an audiovisuel live performance and an autonomous installation showing the permanent disruption of a continuous sound & visual flow.